Why dues now?

Our tenth year: The “recast” 823 Badge of Honor Association USA

Jan. 07

An explanation as to “Why dues now?” and a snippet of how we came to be:

Entry to the Members Only section on this website is open to dues paying members. Dues for 2007 were $5.00 (before 3/1/07), they are $20., and only for the remaining part of the CY07.

Dues were first announced in the October newsletter and in all too many subsequent emails so it should not come as a surprise and only if you’re reading association “incoming.”  Our mailing address is at bottom of this outline.

The Members Section is an area that contains the monthly newsletter, the PX Page, Photos; Links; the Honor Roll – i.e., names of members; Guestbook (for members seeking other members or for making enquiries of others).


For ten years, since 1996, the work of gathering and certifying those deserving of Republic of China on Taiwan (Formosa) awards has been completed at no charge. With over half our members without email, and out of the communications-loop, it became necessary to end faxing and mailings. Over 4,300 new members were gathered above and beyond Richard J. Feeney’s first 800 in 96/97.

In 2002 e-mail became a prerequisite for all new members and necessary to the certification process, which stopped the debt accrual significantly but not all of it. In 2004 a one-time Certification Fee was instituted to further slow the accruing debt. During this period 55, 35, and 84 new members were added, respectively for the years 2004, 5 and 6. In hindsight, that Certfee was unnecessary as new members were small (174 for 3 years) compared t the many hundreds we gathered in prior years. It also became apparent that the years of gathering large numbers had passed. Many men for the 823 period, and earlier, have died; many too are without computers and email and others have not a clue that Taiwan awards, or anything else, exists. So sad, so many Vets have become obsolete with inactivity, others lost to, grog, sport. And other matters of irrelevancy.

Twenty five an a half million vets alive in the USA today, many that moan and complain about everything; fail to realize the power of a veteran constituency. “They,” in congress care not on matters Vet as they know the vet cares not on matters to benefit him.  We can thank God that there are Vets out there doing the work for many! I’d hate to think where we’d be without them.

In October 2006 it was decided to end all future certifications due to a diminishing veteran population of men that served Taiwan; and we could not longer importune our hosts, the MND/ROC (Ministry of Defense/Republic of China on Taiwan). The last Class of Medalists we would certify would be the Class of 2006; certifications for the class ended June 2006. Those medalists received across the nation, at double-ten events. Association debt at the end of 2006 had risen to over a quarter million dollars and it was time to scale back the membership and very tightly control expenses. At that time (October 2006) all members on the email link were alerted of annual dues of $5. To be paid by 1/6/07; thereafter late charges would apply.

Over the last 10 years many have been alerted by way of the monthly newsletter (issue # 100 was published Dec. 2006) to their eligibility to American awards (that ran concurrent with these Taiwan awards – AFEMs etc.) and other matters “Vet.” One in particular was the trumpeting for the men to get to the VA and sign up for healthcare benefits before the Jan. 2003 cut-off date. Many did and many now regret not having done so. This association has also assisted many in obtaining disability compensation awards from the VA and intervened with organizations in getting motorized wheel-chairs; Chairman Evans and the Jurisdictional Chairman attended all too many 10/10 award functions in all too many cities across the nation (in your honor – to evidence a greater presence for our association and to lend support to you at these events); ReUnion2000 in the NY State Catskill Mountains was held; we protested on the US Capital steps the issue of Concurrent Receipt, and championed all too many Vet issues to count; 3 trips to Taiwan; meeting and being celebrated with dinners with Govt. officials, side trips to Alishan, Kaohiung, Tiachung, partying with the Governor of Kinmen (aka QueMoy) and members of his administration; we held a March to Wash., DC and protested on the Capital Steps to support remedies for Concurrent Receipt; Evans personally donated $1,000. to Taiwan Earthquake relief (2003), urging others to give; donated office equipment to the Newark, NJ office of the DAV; Evans donated $100. to the 11/2006, VFW’s on-line campaign Healthcare for our Heroes, and in receiving matching funds our association made better than a 20% contribution to the overall campaign. All this work was put forth in the name of members of this association.

Our membership is rife with men of distinction and character; many possess skills and use them in areas of influence to assist other members – we also assist members with en email requests among the membership. The dearth of knowledge in this small group is astounding. In the past we were all young enlisted and officers and subsequently built great military and civilian careers and families; and in the process we departed American values, gained from our military experiences. We built a great nation and made major contributions to freedom in the world. And while it is disheartening to see an America gone “soft,” while our enemies eat sand and cardboard and sleep in hardened weather conditions, the saving grace is that an America, once awakened, can spring to its defense - WW2 was such an example. The problem with this however is that it costs lives getting prepared. You know the quote, “…eternal vigilance.”

All past and future debt had been borne by the only Chairman and founder Lloyd V Evans, ll, who succeeded (our honorable general) Richard J. Feeney (Dec'd 7/15/03) on 10/10/1998

It was Richard J. Feeney whose early gathering of the first 800 or so medalists in 1996/'97 sparked the inception of Evans' creation of the 823BOHAUSA on "double-ten" day 1998. “Richie” was an invaluable aide in teaming up with Lloyd in growing the group, as Lloyd had not retired from the commercial world and did not until December 2001 – ”Richie,” in the early 90’s was disabled from the food industry and retired with that pension as well as a VA disability pension.  We own the website at the Boston Globe in perpetuity; and we make tribute every year, on the anniversary of Richie’s death at:

http://www.legacy.com/bostonglobe/LegacySubPage2.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonId=1180442 <http://www.legacy.com/bostonglobe/LegacySubPage2.asp?Page=LifeStory&amp;PersonId=1180442

Now why would we do this – because he “Richie” rates it, it’s that simple. Had he not mustered the strength to “handle” this matter in ‘96/’97, only the veterans of the Republic of China on Taiwan would have received the 823HM! Richie made it possible (finally!) for us to receive as part of a joint ceremony this prestigious award in 1998.

For many of you with DD214s, and an Award Section that reflects “None,” or a GCM alone, this award is tribute of service rendered in defense of freedom for the first democratic republic in all of Asia, the ROC.

The 1998 ceremonies were to be a one-time event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 823 Bombardment War between the mainland and Taiwan. Those first medalists, certified by the MND/ROC received the HM823 (Honor Medal for 823 Bombardment [8/23/58-1/1/59]). Evans, playing on that first award made possible the presentations of the 2nd. award, the US-ROC MDCB.

The HM823 has no ribbon, it is a badge that is pinned onto a retired military uniform (retired uniforms only, as the USA does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan – that ended in 1979); the MDCB medal is suspended from a ribbon and comes with a ribbon bar as part of the presentation case.

Only through Chairman Evans' persistence and agreeing to relieve the MND/ROC of all the administrative duties of certifying additional men to their eligibility, to that only award (HM823), made possible reoccurring annual ceremonies up and until October 2006, in 13 USA locations.

Feeney and Evans, both USMC corporals and on Taiwan during 823 (1958) made it possible for thousands of veterans to receive long-thought-about honoraria from a nation many thought had forgotten them.

Taiwan today is still under the gun from the commie mainland – in fact, 950 missiles, forget the guns! The tyranny existing today is even more dangerous as ChiComLand has been bolstered with great economic prowess gained thorough their growth through trade starting with that infamous 1972 handshake between Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong.

The subsequent unseating of Taiwan from the United Nations and the giving of that seat to the communists still sticks in the throats of not just we, the  Taiwan Vets, but to all those that looked at many nations headed towards free and democratic elections as a disaster. Many Vietnam Vets, within this membership, and others, have yet to weather the disastrous and unconscionable abandonment of the Rep. of So. Vietnam. That abandonment left 84,000,000 Vietnamese to a life under communism – we are pledges not to see another abandonment of another republic, Taiwan.

With 5,000+ members and only 1,825 on the e-mail link, it is anticipated that the recast BOHAUSA will have less than 500 dues paying members for CY 2007 (at present [2/24/07] 300 paid members, another 50 or so associates are dues free, as are any that served as a JC across the nation).

These members are the members that have evidenced themselves as “out there” and involved in this association and its mission. I thank each of you and welcome all that step forward to become part of this recasting of the BOHAUSA.

NB: If your dues have been paid and you have not received the USER ID and PW, email the association – you may have overlooked in the mass of email we all receive. UID and PW are emailed the day the dues are posted.

Email at: BOHAUSA@peoplepc.com

Dues checks are made payable to BOHAUSA and are to be to and mailed to:


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