RAINBOW CRUISES, a cruise oriented travel agency

DESCRIPTION: Individual and group cruises, oceans and rivers, all cruise 
lines, world wide.  Hotels, car rentals, travel insurance.

OFFER TO MEMBERS: We put you on the RIGHT ship at the RIGHT price.  Most 
cruise lines offer military rates at significant discounts below retail. 
Qualification is either DD-214 showing at least 2 years active duty OR 6 
months in a combat zone,  Carnival only, or a military photo ID (currently 
serving or retired) for all other lines.  Regular service, Reserve, National 
Guard, USPHS.  Unremarried surviving spouse retains eligibility.

Rainbow Cruises, Box 1042, Wilton, NH 03086, 603-672-9511 (in NH)
1-866-404-3298 (outside NH), 603-769-4462/fax
RBCruises@gmail.net Generally available 0800-2200 Eastern time Mon-Fri, 
0800-1600 Sat-Sun - or leave a message and we'll get back to you as quickly 
as possible,
Semper Fi!