BOHAUASA Chairman Lloyd Evans Dies Unexpectedly

Evans Winston-Salem Lloyd Vincent Evans II 12-5-1939 - 4-5-2015 Lloyd Vincent Evans II, 75, suddenly passed away at his home on Sunday April 5, 2015 in Winston Salem, NC. He was a Marine, the Founder and Chairman of the 823 Badge of Honor Association USA, and a retired business man. Lloyd dedicated his time to helping Veterans receive benefits through the VA, which they justly deserved. He is survived by his wife Concetta Evans, his step-children, and other family members. A mass was held at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, 1730 Link Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127, on Wednesday April 15, 2015. Online condolences can be made at www.salemfh.com or mailed to Concetta Evans, 125 Lochmoore Court, Winston-Salem, NC 27127.

Unfortunately, all the user names and passwords died with Lloyd. We may never recover from his passing. Please be patient with his family as they attempt to recover from their loss.


Joe 'Lurch' Richardson, BOH-2002


to the

823 Badge of Honor Association USA

This association is dedicated to past and present Heroes of Liberty; each member has been successful in his/her sacrifice/contribution to this first constitutional republic in Asia. Today the *Republic of China (ROC), on Taiwan is a thriving democratic republic of 23 million FREE citizens and a beacon of liberty to the world’s oppressed people.

We ended certification to the MND/ROC for candidates to ROC awards on 7/1/06. The Class of 2006 was our last 13 city medal and badge presentations. However we are still accepting new members (see below).

Since 1996 we have been gathering members for ROC honoraria; the association was created on 10/10/1998 by Founder, Chairman and Hon. MGySgt. LVE, ll, USMC,BOH’98. Since that time he has led bi-annual delegations to Taiwan. October 10 is a significant date as it is Taiwan’s **National Day; it is commonly known as “double ten (10/10 is the equilivent to the USA’s Fourth of July [7/4]). 823 (Aug. 23, 1958) is also commonly known in the Taiwan culture as that period of the 823 Bombardment War (see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Taiwan_Strait_Crisis ).

On August 23, 2008, Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-jeou, invited the 823BOHAUSA delegation to Quemoy (aka Kinmen) to participate and celebrate with members of his government and their armed forces the 50th. anniversary of Taiwan’s 44 day war against communist mainland China. Photos of that 50th. anniversary event and others can be viewed at USAF,BOH’01 member Joel B. Aronson’s website: http://www.joelaronson.com/taiwan/

Since 1998, the 823 Badge of Honor Association USA has made annual certifications to the Ministry of National Defense, Republic of China (MND/ROC), a list of USA candidates to receive the Honor Medal for 823 Bombardment (1958) or the (1955-1979) US-ROC Mutual Defense Commemorative Badge (or both). .

A UID and PW are necessary to gain access to the Members Only pages. We provide the UID and PW free to any “financially challenged.” Any veteran, from any theatre or period, is eligible for Associate Membership (after agreeing and committing to our Mission Statement). Those with Taiwan military service must submit proof of that service if they are to be considered for any future awards -, tell us of your Taiwan service, and/or service on Quemoy, Matsu, the Tachens or sea-service in the "Strait." TDY, R&R or a 'Nam Liberty Call is eligibility, as are TDYs and “fly-‘overs’” – we can discern “what’s so” even if nothing appears on your DD214.

Stats: we have over 5,000 members; dues are $5. per year and were implemented in ’07; from ’98 to ’07 we were dues free; dues provide an indication as to who is active and a modicum of association funding. All expenses are and infrastructure are borne by the Chairman. DD214s; letters; CDs; film etc., and copies of our monthly newsletters are archived at the Cold War Museum (www.ColdWar.org) in Virginia.

Contact us: BOHAUSA, 125 Lochmoore Court, Winston-Salem NC 27127-8815, Attn.: Cynthia Bartley, Sect.; Tel. and or Fax (fax after 1830 EST or when the answering machine comes on) to: 336-771-4200. Only the Chairman will answer the ‘phone and return all telephone messages. If you mail us, provide an envelope and postage (.75). Our membership consists of Vets from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and later (and a handful of nonmilitary). Questions may be directed by e-mail to BOHAUSA@peoplepc.com

 Click here to read the association's Mission Statement; compliance is mandatory.

Click here for membership application.

NB: Email is essential for membership.

* In 1979, the USA broke diplomatic relations with the ROC to favor the ChiComs (PRC); the USA also supported the ROC’s United Nations seat be given to the communists on the mainland.

**Double Ten Day (traditional Chinese: 雙十節; simplified Chinese: 双十; pinyin: Shuāng Shí Jié) is the national day of the Republic of China and celebrates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of October 10, 1911, which led to the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in China and establishment of the Republic of China on January 1, 1912. It is therefore designated by the government as National Celebration Day (traditional Chinese: 國慶日; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: Guóqìng Rì).[1] As a result of the end of World War II in 1945 and end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, the Republic of China government fled mainland China and established its presence on Taiwan which was formerly occupied by Japan. The Republic of China government relocated its capital to Taipei, Taiwan, while the Chinese Communist Party established the People's Republic of China on mainland China.